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Waste certificate - We transport your goods with A-shield

Waste certificate

According to the KrWG/AbfG (Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act) of 01.06.2012, vehicles used to transport waste on public roads must bear the “A plate”. The warning marking consists of two rectangular, retro-reflective, white panels with black inscription “A”. The warning plates shall be clearly displayed at the front and rear of the vehicle during carriage.

Beverage Certificate

Beverage Certificate

With us you can bring your drinks safely to their destination! Our trailers are specially equipped for transporting beverages, whether in crates or barrels.

We have special load securing.

ISO 9001 -certification

ISO certificate

We live quality management!

An ISO 9001 certification signals reliability and is an effective tool for managing quality processes to meet customer requirements.

General Terms and Conditions (ADSp)

ADSp 2017

We transport exclusively on the basis of the General Terms and Conditions (ADSp).



When is it financially worthwhile to take out transport insurance?

If you are transporting goods whose value is very high in relation to their weight, you should take out transport insurance.

Why transport insurance?

Transport insurance

5 practical examples of why transport insurance is worthwhile

If you transport goods whose value is very high in relation to their weight, then you should take out transport insurance.


ADR - Dangerous goods