We deliver your machine safely to its destination!

Choice of transport method

First, consider a suitable method of transport. Depending on the type and size of the machine, different transport methods can be used, e.g.

  • Truck
  • Heavy load transports
  • Rail
  • Air freight
  • Sea freight

You have decided in favour of the truck?
Then you have come to the right place!

The correct preparation of the machine for transport:

The machine must be prepared for transport, e.g. by dismantling parts to reduce weight and volume.

Furthermore, any oils and fuels must be drained and the machine secured so that it is not damaged during transport.

Experience and know-how is the most important thing here!

Due to the complexity and size of machinery transports, it is important to hire an experienced and professional transport service provider who has the necessary know-how and equipment to ensure a successful execution of the transport.

All in all, machine transports require careful planning and preparation to ensure that the machine reaches your destination safely and undamaged.