Andorra, Balearic Islands and Sylt

> Transportation to Andorra

Your goods travel safely to Andorra with us.

As a specialist for Spain, France and Portugal, it goes without saying that we can also travel to Andorra for you.
For all your freight inquiries, please remember that Andorra is a customs territory.
Send us your freight inquiry to Andorra online or call us directly! We will be happy to help you!
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Necessary documents for your transportation to Andorra
To ensure that your goods arrive, you will need an EORI number and a commercial invoice in multiple copies.
Furthermore, the following documents are mandatory for transportation to Andorra:
  • Commercial invoice in multiple copies
  • Export declaration sheets 1 -3 with MRN
  • Declaration of origin
  • Movement certificate EUR.1 or authorized consignor from € 6,000
  • Shipping paper T2,T2F,T2L or T2FL

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to transport goods from private individuals to Andorra. Please understand that we can only carry out commercial transportation.

> Transports to the Balearic Islands

On schedule to the Balearic Islands

As a long-standing and experienced specialist for Spain, we also offer punctual transports to the Balearic Islands.

We can transport your goods directly to the Balearic Islands or by container from the container port in Barcelona.

Long goods are our specialty and are transported directly with our own fleet of vehicles.

Of course, we also transport pallets, general cargo, part loads and full loads.

We pick up your shipment anywhere in Germany and drive to Spain for you every day. The Balearic Islands include Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera.

You would like to send your shipment to the Balearic Islands or have it collected there?Then talk to us.

We are happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

> Transports to Sylt

We are happy to take over your transports of any kind to Sylt.

We are happy to take over your transports of any kind to Sylt.
We transport pallets, long goods, building materials or even steel.

Timeliness is our top priority. Exactly on the dot! We also offer Just in Time (JIT) logistics.

We coordinate the entire logistics.
Please contact us or submit your request directly in our contact form.

Transport nach Sylt via Hindenburgdamm

Do you have construction projects on Sylt? No problem, we have accompanied many construction projects on Sylt and are very familiar with the conditions on the island as well as the transportation there. This also includes the motorail train, without which you cannot get to the island.

In addition to bricks and insulation, building materials, usually made of wood and steel, are very bulky and long and are referred to as long goods. We are specialists in this type of transportation. You can find more information under our services.