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Waste warning sign, A-sign, A-board, Truck warning sign for waste transports

Waste transportation

It is important to us that your waste transports are carried out safely and responsibly so that the environment is protected and the health of people and animals is not endangered.
Spedition-Albrecht has the necessary waste certificate to transport your waste safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. You can find it on our download page.
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Important aspects

Labeling of dangerous goods

The A sign serves as a warning sign for the transportation of waste (hazardous and non-hazardous).

Legal basis:

Transport permit according to §53 and §54 KrWG

Minimizing risks to people, the environment and property when transporting waste with the aim of preventing accidents. Should an accident nevertheless occur, it is important to minimize the impact as much as possible.

Responsibilities of the carrier

We are certified and train our employees to comply with the regulations.

Waste paper loads

are routine for us

Commercial waste
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The transport permit (formerly transport permit) is regulated in Section 53 (notification, non-hazardous waste) and in Section 54 KrWG of June 1, 2012 (permit, hazardous waste) and in the transport permit ordinance BefErlV.
This means that vehicles used to transport waste on public roads must be fitted with the “A-plate”.
The warning marking consists of two rectangular, retro-reflective, white panels with black inscription “A”.
The warning plates shall be clearly displayed at the front and rear of the vehicle during carriage.