Sustainability in transportation

Doesn’t have to be a contradiction, Falk Albrecht GmbH has been making a lot of efforts for years
to make our contribution by conserving resources, using new technology and being as sustainable as possible.

The concept of sustainability

aims to balance environmental, social and economic needs and ensure long-term viability of the systems we use to support our lives.

These include measures

such as protecting natural resources, reducing waste and pollution, and promoting a sustainable economy and society.

As a medium-sized freight forwarder and logistics service provider, we are only a small cog in the economic and ecological system and have to face the competition every day when we transport steel, paper or agricultural machinery to southern Europe and bring wine, oranges or other beloved specialties from Spain, France or Portugal for you within a time window of 2-3 days while complying with all regulations and framework conditions.

Nevertheless, we are aware of our responsibility of sustainability in the transportation industry and is of central importance to reduce the ecological footprint and protect our environment. Falk Albrecht GmbH relies on environmentally friendly transportation solutions by using modern, low-emission vehicles (Euro 6). All vehicles are renewed at an interval of 3 years, so that only environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art vehicles are used.

We also use telematics and fleet management systems to keep a constant eye on fuel consumption and calculate the CO2 footprint per shipment at all times.

Further measures are:

              • Regular driver training
              • Fleet Management
              • Route planner
              • Optimization of processes through digitalization projects

These are all small but important steps towards sustainability in long-distance transportation. When alternative drive systems such as hydrogen or electric and the necessary infrastructure for long-distance transportation are available at economic conditions, we will also consider these steps.