About us

Spedition Falk Albrecht GmbH

Your specialist for Spain | General cargo, part load and full load

Our quality standard...

…leads to not always being the cheapest, but our goal is to be the best.

We offer creative solutions that get the attention of our global customers.

Corporate Compliance Policy:​


We strive for long-term fair business relationships.


We offer our customers reliability and security.

Fairness in competition

We offer fairly calculated prices and do not participate in price dumping.

Fair treatment of the employees

We pay reasonable wages and our drivers work according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Quality assurance

Quality improvement is the central theme of Falk Albrecht GmbH.


Are conducted regularly to familiarize all employees with the latest regulations.


The use of the latest technologies helps to protect our environment.

Other topics include:

  • Load securing
  • Transport law
  • The digital control unit
  • Personnel and vehicle disposition

> Goals

We want to keep learning.
For this reason
we have set ourselves guiding goals.

  1. The customer is at the centre of everything we do.
  2. We speak your language.
  3. We have ideas and find solutions for you
  4. We do what we are particularly good at, and do it better than anyone else.
  5. We will continue to be successful.
  6. We will grow with our customers,
    where necessary.
  7. We create a working atmosphere that radiates security and trust.
  8. We employ truck drivers from a wide range of nations