Spedition Falk Albrecht GmbH

Your specialist for Spain | General cargo, part load and full load

> Our location...

We are a Wuppertal-based forwarding and logistics service provider in the heart of the Bergisches Land region, consisting of the neighboring towns of Solingen and Remscheid.
The city of Wuppertal is located approx. 23 km south-east of Essen, 30 km east of Düsseldorf and approx. 40 km north-east of Cologne in the Wupper valley on the northern edge of the Bergisches Land region. Wuppertal is connected by a dense network of city, district and country roads to the Bergisches Land economic region and the Ruhr and Cologne/Bonn metropolitan areas as well as the neighboring municipalities.
Supra-regional connections are provided by the federal highways B7, B51, B224 and B228 with numerous connections to the A1 and A46 highways.
This means that Spedition Falk Albrecht GmbH, which is located in an industrial area in Wuppertal-Vohwinkel close to the A46, has optimal transport connections. to transport your goods to the north, south or east of Germany. From here, the route then takes various routes (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) via France directly to Spain and Portugal.

Our quality standard...

…leads to not always being the cheapest, but our goal is to be the best.

As a medium-sized logistics company in the heart of the Bergisches Land region, we are committed to meeting your individual needs, such as pick-ups or deliveries. We also offer the option of temporarily storing or picking your goods.

We offer creative solutions that allow us to be more flexible than many large transportation companies and thus serve our global customers.

Our established quality process also helps us here.

Logisitk Zentrale in Wuppertal von hier werden alle Transporte , ob Stückgut, Beiladung, Teil- und Komplettladungnach Spanien, Frakreich, Portugal disponiert.

Corporate Compliance Policy:​


We strive for long-term fair business relationships.


We offer our customers reliability and security.

Fairness in competition

We offer fairly calculated prices and do not participate in price dumping.

Fair treatment of the employees

We pay reasonable wages and our drivers work according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Quality assurance

Quality improvement is the central theme of Falk Albrecht GmbH.


Are conducted regularly to familiarize all employees with the latest regulations.


The use of the latest technologies helps to protect our environment.

Other topics include:

  • Load securing
  • Transport law
  • The digital control unit
  • Personnel and vehicle disposition

> Key objectives

We want to keep learning:

From the market and from our customers

For this reason
We have set ourselves key objectives against which we want to be measured

  1. You, the customer, are at the center of everything we do.
  2. We speak your language and that for many industries
  3. We are flexible, fast and always find a solution
  4. We do what we are particularly good at, and do it better than anyone else.
  5. We want to be part of your solution and your team.
  6. We want to grow with our customers.
  7. We offer a working environment based on security and trust
  8. We think globally.
  9. Our drivers are paid according to German standards