The importance of having your own fleet of vehicles in logistics

50 trucks for all occasions!

Having our own fleet of vehicles makes us independent of seasonal fluctuations in the transport market and ensures a consistent standard of quality.

We thus offer you just-in-time transports (JIT)!

In this way, you benefit from the exact provision of your materials, machine parts or time-critical goods to your destination.

Within a precisely defined lead time, we deliver the goods – precisely calculated in terms of time – to the assembly line or where you need your goods time-critically.

This saves storage costs at your production site.

In conjunction with our own warehouse, we can respond flexibly to your needs.

The own fleet

In times of shortage of loading space, only the company’s own fleet or vehicles from reputable cooperation partners are actually available.

All vehicles are renewed at an interval of 3 years, so that only environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art vehicles are used.

Our vehicles meet the latest standards in terms of noise and pollutant emissions.