Long goods

In logistics and transportation, long goods are long, narrow goods that pose particular challenges for transport and storage due to their dimensions. Typical examples of long goods are steel beams, steel profiles, pipes and rods made of different materials such as PVC, steel, aluminum, wooden beams, window profiles or long aluminum profiles.

Properties and challenges of long goods:

  1. Length: Long goods can have extremely long dimensions, often far beyond the dimensions of standard load carriers.
  2. Handling: Due to their length, long goods require special handling techniques and equipment to prevent damage and ensure safety during transportation and storage.
  3. Transport: Special vehicles or trailers are often required for the transportation of long goods, such as long material trailers, which ensure safe transport. Overloading or overhanging may also require special permits. The topic of load securing is very important.
  4. Storage: Long goods require specially adapted storage areas that enable safe and efficient storage, often with special shelving systems for long materials.
  5. Logistics: Logistics planning for long and heavy goods must be carried out very carefully in order to avoid transport damage due to length and weight and to ensure efficient transport routes.

Due to these special characteristics and challenges, companies that handle long goods often work with specialized logistics service providers who have experience in handling such goods.

We, the forwarding company Falk Albrecht GmbH from Wuppertal, are specialized in such transports, examples can be found on our website under steel transports, window profiles or also under special transports.

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