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Transporting long goods, such as steel, or bulky goods, such as window profiles, poses particular challenges for transportation. These challenges are due to the length, weight and dimensions of the transported goods.
Particularly with transports to Spain, the goods are on the road for longer than with national transports. Close communication with you is therefore important in order to deliver your goods to your customers at the agreed time (just-in-time, JIT) and in the correct sequence (just-in-sequence, JIS).
Falk Albrecht GmbH from Wuppertal has been transporting goods to and from Spain for almost 40 years and can look back on a wealth of experience that we would like to share with you.
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Dangerous goods

Due to the dimensions or weight of window profiles or long goods, the following points often need to be considered and clarified when planning shipments to Spain:
  1. Weight and size restrictions
  2. Transhipment ban – In many cases, the goods have to be transported directly from the manufacturer to Spain, France or Portugal, with several unloading points.
  3. Coordination of the entire logistics chain, from a single source.
  4. Suitable frames such as A-frames for window profiles.
  5. Clarification of safety risks in order to avoid accidents.

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The most important challenges when transporting window profiles and long materials

The transportation of long goods poses particular challenges due to their length and weight. Special vehicles and permits are required, and safety must be guaranteed at all times. Here are some of the most important challenges:
1. length and dimensions: Window profiles and long materials are often very long and bulky. This must be taken into account during loading and unloading.
2. weight: These materials can also be quite heavy, especially if they are metal profiles or long wooden beams. This requires special equipment and vehicles to ensure load securing and load distribution.
Lashing straps and tension belts:
For fixing your goods
Upholstery and underlays:
This protects your goods against slipping and possible damage and stabilizes them at the same time.
Stowage and lashing material:
Use of stowage and lashing material such as wedges, blocks and anti-slip mats.
Securing by wedging:
Use of special wedges or stoppers.
Special edge protection
Protects your goods when lashing and our lashing straps.

4. proper arrangement:Weight distribution of the load in the transport vehicle (safety aspect), taking into account the sequence of different unloading points.

6. route planning: Selecting the appropriate transport route is important in order to carry out transports effectively, for example if you have several unloading points.
7. coordination and communication: Communication between you as the customer, us as the logistics service provider and our driver is crucial for smooth transportation so that your goods reach your customer at the agreed time.
8. damage and quality control: Your goods must be protected from damage during transportation. This often requires special packaging, suitable load securing and regular checks during the journey. Particular attention must be paid to the loading and unloading of the goods.
9. cost efficiency: Our aim is to make your transportation as efficient as possible. Thanks to our many years of experience in transporting goods to Spain in this segment, we can help you optimize your transport costs.

Our offer

All in all, the transportation of window profiles and long goods requires careful planning, compliance with regulations and close cooperation between you and us.
Our expertise in logistics ensures that your goods arrive on time and reliably, which is crucial for a smooth supply chain.
Put your trust in our experience and benefit from our customized transport solutions.
This is how we get your goods safely to their destination!