Diesel is a fuel that is mainly used for the operation of diesel engines. Diesel engines use the compression ignition process and therefore differ from gasoline engines in terms of operation and efficiency.

Diesel engines are generally more efficient and have a longer service life than gasoline engines. They generate more torque at lower engine speeds, which is particularly suitable for heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and agricultural machinery.

As of 2023, diesel trucks dominate the market in the European Union with a market share of 95.5% of new registrations. This shows that despite a growing interest in alternative drive systems, diesel trucks still make up the vast majority of the truck fleet. The reasons for this are complex. As Spediton-Albrecht, we are mainly involved in long-distance transport to France, Spain, Portiugal, Andorra and neighboring countries to transport your goods such as steel, paper, machinery, automotive, chemical products, wine, spirits and everyday products. A lack of infrastructure throughout Europe, technologies (hydrogen), ranges and high acquisition costs for alternative drive technologies (2.5 times) are forcing us to continue to rely on diesel. All our vehicles meet the strict EU standards for trucks and we are constantly optimizing our fleet to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The price of diesel, especially with its strong fluctuations in recent years, is a significant factor in transportation costs. This affects us all, transporters, companies and private consumers alike.

The measures taken by Spedition-Albrecht to clearly and fairly reflect rising and falling diesel prices as part of the transport costs can be found under diesel floater, diesel price escalation clause, diesel price index, diesel cost share (DKA)

Our calculations are updated daily and are based on the source of supply www.benzinpreis-aktuell.de.

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