Diesel floater

A diesel floater(diesel price escalation clause) refers to a fuel surcharge that logistics companies charge their customers to compensate for rising diesel prices. This surcharge is variable and change according to the fluctuations of diesel prices.

Even if it is difficult for any transport service provider to agree surcharges with its customers, the diesel floater is the only way to ensure transparent pricing and traceability.
Flat-rate diesel surcharges are not an effective means of reflecting fluctuations in the price of diesel.

The range of diesel costs in the past has never been as wide as in the last 5 years, whereby the price jumps often appear arbitrary, but unfortunately cannot be influenced by the consumer.
As diesel is one of the most significant cost items for the transport company, an adjustment is essential.

Fuel costs are one of the most important components of the freight price, along with vehicle and personnel costs. Freight forwarders and carriers monitor price developments very closely and adjust freight prices quickly, especially when diesel prices rise.

In concrete terms, this means that our customers automatically benefit when the price level falls. In return, the diesel surcharge increases if energy costs rise significantly. At Spedition-Albrecht, we adjust the diesel surcharge transparently and on a daily basis to the actual price situation.

How is the diesel surcharge calculated?

We calculate the diesel surcharge using the diesel floater, which we introduced in response to price developments on the energy market. Transport companies cannot bear the rising fuel prices alone. If chosen correctly, a diesel floater agreement is a good instrument for regulating the handling of fuel cost changes in a fair and transparent manner in a business relationship between shipper and transport service provider that is at least medium-term in nature, just as we do at Spedition Albrecht.
The diesel floater at Spedition Albrecht is used for our transports on a daily basis under the source of supply www.benzinpreis-aktuell.de. For us, fairness and transparency for our customers is an essential quality feature, and although the fuel costs in Luxembourg / Belgium / Spain / France are different, they tend to be subject to the same laws. Spedition Albrecht calculates the diesel floater (diesel price escalation clause) with the help of a diesel price index. You can find out hereHereyou can find out how to calculate the respective diesel cost share of a transport company. Example calculation:

Example calculation of a diesel floater or a diesel price escalation clause. Diesel price as part of freight costs
Diesel floater, diesel as part of freight costs

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