Diesel floater

A diesel floater refers to a fuel surcharge, that logistics companies charge their customers to compensate for rising diesel prices. This surcharge is variable and change according to the fluctuations of diesel prices.

Fuel costs are one of the most important components of the freight price, along with vehicle and personnel costs. Freight forwarders and carriers monitor price developments very closely and adjust freight prices quickly, especially when diesel prices rise.

In concrete terms, this means that DB Schenker customers automatically benefit when the price level falls. In return, the diesel surcharge increases if energy costs rise significantly. The diesel surcharge is adjusted monthly to the real price situation.

On what is the diesel surcharge calculated?
The Diesel surcharge is calculated with the help of the diesel floater calculated, the surcharge was introduced in response to price developments on the energy market. Transport companies cannot bear the rising fuel prices alone.
If chosen correctly, a diesel floater agreement is a good instrument for regulating the handling of fuel cost changes in a partnership-based, fair and transparent manner in a business relationship between shipper and transport service provider that is designed for at least the medium term, as we do at Spedition Albrecht.
The diesel floater at the forwarding agency Albrecht is updated daily under the reference source
applied for transports. Fuel costs in Luxembourg/Belgium/Spain are different, but tend to be subject to the same laws.