FCR Forwarders Certificate of Receipt (International Forwarders Certificate of Receipt)

The FCR (Forwarders Certificate of Receipt) is a document used in international logistics. It serves as a confirmation that a carrier (forwarder) has received certain goods. The FCR is usually issued by the forwarder who receives the goods and is responsible for their further shipment.

The FCR typically contains the following information:

  1. Forwarder: The name and contact details of the forwarder issuing the FCR.
  2. Shipper: The name and contact details of the shipper handing over the goods to the carrier.
  3. Consignee: The name and contact details of the consignee to whom the goods are to be forwarded.
  4. Description of the Goods: An accurate description of the goods, including number of pieces, weight, dimensions and other relevant details.
  5. Transportation Details: information about the transportation, such as the means of transportation (e.g., ship, airplane, truck), the departure and arrival ports or airports, the expected dates, and other relevant information.

The FCR is commonly used as proof that the carrier has received the goods and is obligated to forward them to the specified consignee. It is important to note that the FCR is not a waybill and has no legal meaning in terms of a contract of carriage. It is only a confirmation document about the receipt of the goods.

The FCR can be used for various types of international transportation, such as ocean freight, air freight or road transportation. It facilitates documentation and communication between the parties involved and contributes to the smooth handling of the transport.