Diesel price index

The diesel price index is used to calculate the diesel floater, also known as the diesel price escalator clause.

The price of diesel has become a major cost factor in recent years, particularly for transport companies, businesses and consumers, and fluctuations have never been as high as they are now due to energy crises, global changes and conflicts.


Diesel price index on reference date A = (e.g. 100.0) ; Time B: current diesel price index: (e.g. 120)

Index value time B / index value time A -1= 120/100 -1 = 1.20-1= 0.20 = 20% DPI-V ( diesel price index change )

Result: the price of diesel rose by 20 % in the period under review

Index value Time A defines the time of submission of the offer or the freight agreement without surcharges. Index value time B describes the current price level of diesel at the time under review.

In order to be able to make an objective assessment on a daily basis, we use the following source of supply www.benzinpreis-aktuell.de.

This means that rising diesel prices place a burden on the transport company, as it initially pays the higher prices in advance without compensation.
This effect is only reversed when prices fall.

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