List of the forwarding agent, with which he provides the receiving forwarding agent with all the

required details about each item contained in the consolidated shipment.

Individual shipment informs

“Bordero” is a term that originates from the financial and logistics fields and describes a documentation or listing of goods, merchandise or other goods in transit. It is a kind of waybill or delivery bill that contains all relevant information about the transport and the delivered goods.

A bordero is used to document the transport process by containing information about the sender, the recipient, the carrier, the type of goods, the quantity, the weight, the value of the goods and other relevant data. It may also include details of transportation costs, insurance, customs and tax documents, and other relevant information.

Borderos are typically used in international or domestic shipments to ensure the smooth handling and tracking of the delivery of goods. They serve as proof of receipt of the goods, enable the delivery to be checked for completeness and serve as the basis for settlement between the parties involved.