StVO Road traffic regulations

The StVO (Road Traffic Regulations) is a legal regulation in Germany that governs road traffic and is binding for all road users. It defines the rights and obligations of road users and serves to ensure safety and order on the roads.

The StVO covers various areas of road traffic and contains regulations for pedestrians, cyclists, motor vehicles, motorcycles and other types of vehicles. It specifies, among other things, rules for behavior on the road, traffic signs and symbols, right-of-way rules, speed limits, parking regulations, overtaking, keeping distance, use of lanes, lighting of vehicles and much more.

Some important provisions of the StVO are:

  1. Behavior on the road: The StVO regulates proper behavior on the road, such as obeying traffic rules, wearing a seat belt, prohibiting alcohol and drug use behind the wheel, and the duty to render assistance in the event of an accident.
  2. Traffic signs and symbols: The German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) contain a large number of traffic signs and symbols that provide information, give instructions or prohibitions. They serve to regulate traffic and ensure the safety of all road users.
  3. Right-of-way rules: The StVO specifies who has the right of way in certain traffic situations and who must wait or merge. This serves to regulate the flow of traffic and prevent accidents.
  4. Speed limits: The StVO specifies speed limits for different types of roads and traffic situations. These serve the safety of all road users and are intended to prevent accidents.
  5. Parking regulations: The StVO contains regulations on parking vehicles, such as parking bans, parking zones, parking spaces and the use of parking discs. These regulations are intended to ensure an orderly and safe flow of traffic.

Compliance with the StVO is mandatory for all road users. Violations of the StVO can result in fines, points in Flensburg or, in the worst case, the revocation of the driver’s license. It is therefore important to know and comply with the provisions of the StVO to ensure your own safety and the safety of other road users.