Load weight Payload

Load weight or payload refers to the weight of cargo or luggage that a vehicle or machine can carry. It is the maximum mass that can be moved over a given distance without compromising the safety or performance of the means of transportation.
The load weight varies depending on the vehicle type and class. For vehicles such as cars or trucks, payload usually refers to the weight of cargo that can be transported on the cargo bed or in the cargo area. It includes both the weight of the actual cargo and the weight of the packaging or load carriers such as pallets.
The exact calculation of the payload or loading weight is often done by the manufacturer of the vehicle or machine. Various factors are taken into account, such as the load capacity of the axles, the distribution of the load, the stability of the vehicle or machine and the permitted weight limits in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards.
It is advisable to observe the specified payload or load weight limits to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle or machine and to avoid possible legal consequences.