Just-in-sequence transportation

“Just in Sequence”(JiS) is a logistical concept in transportation that is an extension of the“Just in Time(JiT) principle. It is mainly used in the automotive industry and other areas with complex assembly processes. JiT aims to deliver materials at exactly the right time, JiS goes one step further and ensures that your materials are not only delivered at the right time, but also in the right order.

Here are the main features and benefits of JiS:

  1. Synchronization of production: JiS enables closer synchronization between suppliers and production lines so that parts and components are delivered in the order in which the assembly process requires them.
  2. Reducing stock levels: Similar to JiT, JiS helps to minimize stock levels by reducing the need for temporary storage and warehouse space.
  3. Improved efficiency: By providing the parts in the correct sequence, assembly processes are accelerated and made more efficient. This leads to a reduction in search times and incorrect placements.
  4. Flexibility and adaptability: JiS enables greater flexibility in production. Changes to the production plan can be implemented more easily, as the delivery of parts is adapted to the current production sequence.
  5. Quality improvement: The precise delivery and handling of parts can improve the quality of the end products and reduce the risk of errors and damage during handling.

In practice, this means that suppliers and logistics service providers work closely with the production facilities to ensure that all parts arrive at exactly the right time and in the right order. This requires precise planning, communication and often the use of advanced IT systems to control and monitor the entire process.

Falk Albrecht GmbH in Wuppertal specializes in this, and it is only thanks to our own fleet of vehicles and our warehouse that we are independent of the market and can meet precisely these requirements. We take the correct sequence for loading and unloading our trucks into account as early as the scheduling stage in order to bring the goods to you with the just-in-sequence concept. We have daily departure times on the way to Spain, so we can cater to your individual wishes

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