Carnet-T.I.R. customs accompanying document for international road transport of goods

CARNET TIR stands for “Transport International Routier” and is an international customs document used for the transport of goods between different countries. The CARNET TIR system was developed by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and enables the smooth transport of goods across international borders, especially by road transport.
The CARNET TIR document acts as a customs guarantee for the transport of goods and significantly simplifies the clearance procedures at the borders. It enables the transport of goods through several countries without the need for renewed customs checks at each border crossing. This saves time, costs and simplifies the logistical process for forwarders and transport companies.
A CARNET TIR consists of an international customs document and a set of special seals for the cargo container or vehicle. The document contains detailed information about the transported goods, the sender, the recipient and the route. It is accepted by the customs authorities of the participating countries and enables the cross-border transport of goods without the need to open or check the cargo each time it crosses the border.
To use a CARNET TIR, the consignor must be a member of a national TIR association and submit the required documentation and fees. After approval, the consignor receives the CARNET TIR document and can carry out the transport according to the established conditions.
It is important to note that the CARNET TIR system applies only to the transport of goods with commercial value. It is not intended for personal use or transport of dangerous goods. The system was developed to facilitate the international movement of goods and promote trade between participating countries.