AGK General Terms and Conditions for Commercial Road Freight Transport

“General Freight and Motor Transport Company”. It is a company that operates in the field of freight transport. AGK Freight Transport offers various services related to the transportation of goods.
The company specializes primarily in road transport and operates a fleet of trucks and tractor-trailers. It can carry out the transportation of goods at the national and international level. Both partial and complete loads are handled.
AGK Freight Transport undertakes the transportation of various types of goods. These include, for example, industrial goods, foodstuffs, building materials, hazardous goods and much more. The company ensures that goods reach their destination safely and on time.
Furthermore, AGK Güterverkehr often offers additional services, such as storage and picking of goods. This allows customers to temporarily store their goods and manage and forward them as needed.
AGK Güterverkehr attaches great importance to efficiency and reliability. The company has experienced drivers and modern equipment to ensure the smooth flow of cargo transportation. It also relies on technology and logistics solutions to optimize the transportation process.
Overall, AGK Güterverkehr offers customized solutions for the transportation of goods and helps companies effectively meet their logistics needs.