AGF Working Group Long-distance Freight Transport e.V.

AGF stands for “General Terms and Conditions for Long-Distance Freight Transport” and is a set of rules that regulates the transport of goods by road. AGF long-distance freight transports are widely used in Germany by many forwarding and transport companies.
The AGF Long Distance Freight are a standardized contract that regulates the rights and obligations of the parties involved. This contract is usually concluded between the client, i.e. the shipper of the goods, and the transport company performing the transport.
The AGF Long Distance Freight Regulations govern various aspects of transportation, such as liability for damage or loss of goods, determination of transportation costs and payment terms, responsibility for loading and securing goods, liability for delays or non-performance of transportation, and other provisions related to the transportation process.
The purpose of the AGF Long Distance Freight Transport is to clarify the legal relations between the parties involved and to avoid disputes. By using these general terms and conditions, all parties can rely on a uniform set of rules that are recognized throughout the industry.
It is important to note that the AGF Long Distance Freight are not required by law, but are used on a voluntary basis. However, the contracting parties may adapt or supplement certain clauses to take into account their individual needs and agreements.
The AGF Long-Distance Freight Transport are regularly updated by industry associations to reflect changing requirements and conditions in freight transport. It is therefore advisable to use the current versions of the AGF Long-distance Freight Transport and, if necessary, to seek legal advice to ensure that all relevant provisions are taken into account.