AE Export declaration

The AE Export Declaration refers to the German customs and stands for “Export Accompanying Document Electronic”. This is a document used to process exports of goods from Germany.

The AE Export Declaration is electronic and must be prepared by companies or persons who wish to export goods from Germany to a non-EU country. It serves as proof of export and is also required for statistical purposes.

The export declaration contains information about the exporter (the company or person exporting the goods), the consignee (the company or person in the destination country), the goods to be exported, and the relevant trade terms.

The AE Export Declaration must be submitted electronically to the competent German customs authorities prior to export. As a rule, the IT procedure “ATLAS” is used for this purpose. After the export declaration has been checked and accepted, the exporter receives an export confirmation.

The export declaration is important because it enables the legal export of goods from Germany and at the same time provides the German customs authorities with information about the movement of goods. It is also used to monitor compliance with export control regulations and to regulate international trade.

It is important that companies or individuals wishing to export goods from Germany familiarize themselves with the specific requirements of the AE Export Declaration and ensure that they provide the appropriate information correctly and completely in order to avoid delays or problems during export. It may be advisable to contact a customs expert or agency for assistance in preparing the export declaration, if needed.

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